A plain piece of paper creates wonders. Perhaps the most frightening sight for any storyteller is the sheet of plain white paper. It stares back at you with emptiness, taunting you to do something, intimidating you with its expressionless face. That very same piece of paper has launched thousands upon thousands of stories. Stories that have captivated us for centuries, have all started from a person fighting back against that plain faced monster.

At Origami, we fight back against that monster everyday, to create stories that inspire, immerse, captivate and awe. Feature films, Web series, TV shows, Commercials, Graphic Novels, Virtual Reality and Video Games are our playgrounds. Wikipedia will tell you that transmedia is a technique of telling a single story or story experience across multiple platforms and formats using current digital technologies. 

But what we believe is that every universe created has multitudes of stories to be told. Transmedia is not just about different mediums, but it exists to provide the audience a wholesome world of storytelling that allows the reader/viewer/gamer to completely immerse themselves in a fulfilling and cathartic experience. Origami strives to whet the appetite of the audience and give them an experience that keeps them coming back for more.

Origami is a forward thinking narrative driven company that believes the future of entertainment is an immersive experience into fantastical canons created through storytelling.

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