It gives me great pleasure to introduce to students an opportunity to get conversant with new age business which we believe will grow to become the biggest marketing & sales channel across industries. Even small & medium size businesses have transformed themselves by doing business on the web & names like flipkart, snapdeal, ebay, fashion&you etc are household names today. Allow me to introduce Knowledge Jockey, a revolutionary Online Marketing & Sales initiative by Outlook Group News Magazine, where students Lean & Earn at the same time. .Once students sign up for Knowledge Jockey you become part of the revolution & start learning & understanding the finer nuances of how business is done on the internet. It will not only gives the right new age exposure but also prove to be an amazing LIVE PROJECT. 

 What happens when students Sign up at Knowledge Jockey:

> Learn & understand how e-commerce is done & how it can be developed into a killer strategy.

> Learn & understand how business can be augmented on the web / internet. 

> Build a network which stays with you always. 

> Get a chance to develop leadership qualities.

> Get to understand consumer behavior.

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