PROGILENCE is a capability development firm which works across sectors and industries, in areas of consultancy, setting occcupational standards, developing qualifications, content and training. We work with sector skills councils which have been formed for propagating manpower development schemes, standards based qualifications and other related activities. We develop content are producing teacher guides and student workbooks for various qualifications. We are currently working in the sectors including hospitality, handicrafts and carpet, food processing, agriculture, capital goods (manufacturing), IT and electronics. We are a small but highly capable firm led by experienced professionals working who are attempting to bring about meaningful change in manpower development practices for individual, organisational and social progress and benefits. Our vision is "To establish holistic human capability development at the centre of individual and collective human endeavors. This is to ensure every life gets to experience greater health, learning, achievement and fulfillment" something that we strongly believe in. 

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