Our virtual social life has diminished the joy, charm and warmth of a personalized gift. Paperkami brings back those stellar memories of exuding emotions through a greeting card. From feel to finish, it’s exceptionally premium and communicates those inevitable emotions you would want someone to treasure for life. Paperkami, brings to you the internationally acclaimed art of paper, knife and unprecedented imagination, Kirigami.  

Our Intricate designs, exquisite collections, jaw-dropping pop-ups and impeccable craftsmanship is what Paperkami stands for. Each piece is a laser cut hand assembled design keeping in mind all the environment friendly factors. 

At our facility, we select the highest quality italian paper and cut each design with our state-of-the-art laser machines. The cards are then hand assembled with great care by our staff. Our factory has passed extensive audits and are in full compliance with International Labor Standards. 

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