Pararthya is a registered NGO working for providing a helping hand to those in need

through various projects and events for social development and poverty alleviation.

During the course of various interventions and studies, it became apparent that

protein deficiency is an epidemic that is gripping us faster than we know. Unlike

calcium or iron deficiency, protein deficiency isn't taken seriously by most - in both

adults and kids alike. And the alarming rate with which it is growing and going

unnoticed needs immediate attention. Almost 73 percent of diets in urban India are

protein deficient. On top of that, 93 percent are unaware of ideal protein

requirement. Moreover, only one-third people in India think that lack of protein can

cause fatigue or weakness.

Pararthya in the partnership of Svaasthyaprad Agro LLP,  is conducting studies to

find a product that is cheap and full of nutritional values. In its first phase, the pilot

project is conducted in Hyderabad, Telangana. 

We are looking for highly energetic interns for carrying market research under the

guidance of experienced professionals.

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