Established in 2016, Planting Root Technology Pvt Ltd aims to offer products and services that allow its users to experience life differently. The company combines the power of simplicity and technology to provide feel-good, motivating, and action-inciting information. All the products and services by Planting Root are readily accessible, easy to embrace, and share-worthy.

Daily Suvichar - 

Positive thoughts have a domino effect on how we feel, think, and ultimately, how we live our lives. Our digital content platform is a portal of positivity where we share daily nuggets of motivation in the form of Hindi quotes, blogs and videos.

Daily Suvichar Store -

What we wear and use can have a strong impact on how we feel, and evoke the same vibes to those around us. Our merchandise are carefully created with unique and quirky designs that are based on positive and motivating content.

Greet Sweet - 

Sometimes, it’s simple things that have big impacts on people, and a personalized e-greeting is sure to bring a smile to someone’s face. Whether it’s birthdays, festivals or daily wishes, select from our stunning greetings designed in-house, customize and share at the click of a button.

Gudiya Says -

Meet Gudiya, a 9-year-old girl who is passionate about learning. On this digital platform, she shares ideas that address civic sense, pollution, safety, hygiene and more. Following her simple but effective tips, we can make the world a safer, healthier and happier place.

Hanuman Chalisa -

Chanting the Hanuman Chalisa has amazing benefits for the mind and soul, and is one of the best ways to start your day. Our innovative app lets you combine 4 beautiful voices and 3 soothing background music, to create unique versions of this powerful bhajan.

Scam Radar -

With the world advancing at an alarming rate, scams are almost inevitable, and we want to do our part to spread awareness about them. Our app is a complete guide to beware of all the global scams, frauds and hoaxes that are prevalent across various industries, along with our recommendations to avoid getting scammed.

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