Modern household appliances are becoming more and more "smart" and convenient to use, but even this does not protect them from possible breakdowns. Plus Appliance Repair offers a wide range of repair services for all home appliances: washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioners, boilers, ovens and stoves, coffee machines and so on. Our advantage - favorable conditions for each client.

Efficient service at home

Contact us - we will bring back to life your appliances and guarantee the minimum amount of time and money. Service from our service center is inexpensive and carried out at the home of the customer, which gives the following advantages:

- You do not have to spend money on transporting the appliance to the workshop - a big plus if a large appliance breaks down.
- You can call a specialist at home at any time convenient for you, because we work seven days a week.
- A specialist can examine not only the broken appliance, but also other household appliances in the house.

We're always trying to make our service more convenient to expand our customer base - many people who have already contacted Plus Appliance Repair call us right away if needed. SC is popular with Toronto and GTA residents because of its excellent reputation, and the number of repeat customers is only growing - we believe this is the best indicator of quality service.

Long Warranty

Unfortunately, not all service centers are willing to take responsibility for their work, so many face low-quality service for their appliances. Plus Appliance Repair Center acts differently: the high quality service is backed up by an official warranty, which confirms the professional approach of each craftsman.

All our specialists regularly attend refresher courses to improve their skills. As a result the efficiency of service increases: the masters are able to diagnose and repair much faster. As a result, a customer is given a warranty document, which is valid from 3 months to 1 year. The period of warranty validity is determined by the master after diagnostics and depends on the complexity of the malfunction.

During repair, if there is a need, the specialist uses only new components for replacement. The brand of spare parts corresponds to the manufacturer of household appliances - this is also one of the indicators of professionalism of the SC Plus Appliance Repair.

Apply to our workshop can be by phone or online: managers accept your calls every day. Fast processing of requests we guarantee! A service is carried out within 24 hours of treatment.

Up to 365 days warranty

We give up to 1 year warranty on the service provided and the accessories used. If parts break down over this period, we will replace them free of charge.

The guarantee covers only the parts and units which have been manipulated by us during the course of the repair work.


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