Pyrite Technologies is an innovative, professional marketing agency with huge experience in search, social and content marketing. 

We help our clients leap to the top of the search and social engines with brand awareness, lead generation in some of the most competitive industries. 

Our ethos is simple: provide consistently strong return on investment with first class account management. We have a highly strategic, performance driven, transparent and communicative approach to all our campaigns. 

We welcome a communicative relationship to get the very best out of the campaign and have no restrictions or extra cost for meetings. We do not limit your access and we do not hide behind “project managers” and will provide continuous on-going support. 

Our team is completely based out of Hyderabad, India and we do not, and will not outsource any aspect of our service without recommendation from us and approval of the client. 

Pyrite Technologies have 2 more sister concern Company- 1. Pyrite Fitness Pvt. Ltd. (www.thefitindian.com) and Travenix . 

Pyrite Technologies Service Offering:

Pyrite Technologies is a specialist inbound and search marketing with core services in – 

 Social Media Marketing 

 Search Engine Optimization 

 Social Analytics & Tools. 

 Content Marketing 

 Google Local SEO for Business Places 

 Marketing Analytics (Google Analytics or Adobe Omniture) 

 Web Analytics (Search, Social, Content) 

 Corporate Digital Marketing Training 

 Ecommerce Marketing 

 Growth Hacking (B2B, B2C)

Our recognition:

We are the founding certified partners of Hootsuite Social Media Marketing Tool and members of Google Search Console, frequently receive F2F search updates from Google International at their Hyderabad campus. 

We are also the official brand ambassador of Majestic.com SEO Tool, which is world’s largest link indexer database. 

We have expertise in handling many other social media clients with content marketing, advanced analysis tools which are used by a large network of digital marketing agencies throughout the world.  

For further information please visit our website at: www.pyritetechnologies.com, or please write to us at pinki@pyritetechnologies.com. 

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