PA is a multidisciplinary design practice engaging in the field of Architecture, Interior Design , Spatial Design and Technology.We intent to design innovative built environment with workable and responsible solutions by collaborative approach.

We believe in engaging with client at all stages of design The intent is to comprehend the design problem, know all the concerns, expectations, aspirations and, most importantly, the visions of our clients.

Working within the existing constraints, RPA tries to arrive at a solution through an evolutionary process which encompasses :

-Extensive research, data Collection and analysis.

-Identifying issues and opportunities at all stages of design ;

-Progressive and Participatory approach;

-Evolving Design through Process and Process through design.

The process also validates and examines the original germ of an idea, details of the concept implementation, and the full rationale behind your goals and decisions.Our portfolio provides a tangible expression of our philosophy, values, technical expertise and commitment to quality, operational flexibility, maintainability and management.

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