Founded in September 2015 at Reaching Sky Foundation (www.reachingsky.org) which is an NGO, We are a kind of team inclusive of students, educators, professionals & changebuilders who advocate the belief that Leaders are made not born because to us leadership is an art that can be mastered as per need & time thus our initiatives attempts to build capacities & leadership skills of children & young people. To accelerate our belief we function, on the improvement of quality education, youth empowerment & strengthening of volunteerism. As we realize that being an entity of a rapidly evolving world self-leadership is the key to thrive & become efficient and productive, Thus, we aim to substantially create global citizens so that collectively we all can emerge sustainable lifelong learning & development opportunities. In past 2 years, through Mobilisation & Engagement of 412+ Volunteers, We have Empowered 415+ Young Adults, conducted 17+ Youth Capacity Building Programs, 29+ Skill Development Internships & Programs, dispensed 80,000+ Teaching hrs., which has benefitted 2035+ Children & Youth and sensitized 12003+ Women while keeping the count on. Our Partners includes, some renowned names including Google for Nonprofits, Enactus SSCBS, Salesforce, NASSCOM BigTech, Jamia Hamdard University, LetsEndorse, LetzChange, International Peace Youth Group - South Korea, Canva, Guidestar India.

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