Reverse Factor is the only company in India that helps people to reverse lifestyle diseases with the help of the right food. RF team has proved it through thousands of case studies that there are curative natural foods for every disease.

The mission of Reverse Factor is to significantly reduce & reverse the epidemic of lifestyle diseases so that people can be fit, fine & healthy till the last day of their life. RF team of Health Officers are continuously engaged with patients from different corners of the world.

The Times of India Group had selected Reverse Factor out of 500+ startups in India in their new endeavor - -Brandshoots Ventures" and has partnered with us to help us take our mission forward.

With a one-point mission to reverse disease and revive life, Reverse Factor a team lead by top disease reversal expert                      Mr. Karan Kakkad are putting their heart and soul to create a drug-free and disease free world, simply by eating right and making the right lifestyle changes

Contact Details

  • www.reversefactor.in
  • 1st Floor, 1/a, Migrendra Lal Mitra Road, Dakshineswar, Mullick Bazar, Park Street area, Kolkata, West Bengal