Rockerzzz believes that music is the core essence of life which soothes the spirit and soul of any human being and marks the presence of anybody associated with that music.

We at Rockerzzz are qualified musicians with years of experience on Stage performance, Music Composition, and music teaching. We have been creating jingles/Theme songs for colleges, private university, Schools, Fest, Hospitals, etc.

We just want to share our knowledge with the world and tell people, Music is simple to learn, understand and implement.

With the same thought, we have come up with an Idea of the Musical workshop, where we want to teach people the simplicity of music composition. With the help of Music, you can change yourself personally as well as professionally.

This workshop is not just about music composition learning but even as a great Team building exercise which explains them about coordination, time values, Moral Values, De-stress themselves and how each and every of them is important to their company.

Internships by Rockerzzz INC

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