We are India's national award winning, digitally empowered, modern NGO led by highly professional people. Dedicated to the promotion of rational thought, scientific temper, inter-faith harmony and justice at large, we also work for multi-dimensional empowerment of the impoverished, in our immediate surroundings. 

Our administrative office and one small hostel for interns are located at Paldi, Ahmedabad. We are also building an innovative, digitally empowered residential acadmy for training brilliant graduates in Public Administration and Advocacy at Matar, Kheda, 39 KMs from Ahmedabad off NH8C
Please check the following links and join our stimulating FB Groups:
INTERNSHIP Policy and Application Form: http://www.sprat.in/interns.html
WEBSITE: http://www.sprat.in 
INTRO FILM: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XEiWIonnCE8 [Channel: sprat02]
FACEBOOK Groups listed on a holding page at: https://www.facebook.com/sprat.jareeda/?fref=ts
We have interns coming regularly from both Indian and foreign universities. Typically, we take care of boarding, lodging, recreation and all work related local transport. Girls and boys share common amenities but have gender-specific bed-rooms. 
We pay no cash stipend. However, for long term outstation interns making their own arrangement of stay and food, we may pay a modest stipend in cash.
Our internships are not for the lazy or the dull. These are 24 X 7 challenging engagements, [not typical 10-6 rigmarole], yielding high multi-tasked productivity, offering wide-ranging and innovative learning [sp on rationality and life], but ensuring that all of this becomes memorable fun. 

Located near the River Front we ensure that Interns get to exercise their bodies along with their minds. We provide fun opportunities and also make work fun. 
Ideally we take residential interns for 8-52 weeks. Virtual interns [working from their own place], on the other hand must commit at least 60 minutes/day for at least three months

Internships by SPRAT Society for Promoting Rationality

Contact Details

  • www.sprat.in
  • 10, Rajnagar Complex, Nr NID, Narayan Nagar Road, Paldi, AHMEDABAD