Sufi Kathak Foundation is a non-profit registered society to create awareness about India’s intangible heritage in music, dance and preserve the gradually fading 700 year Sufi traditions in music. SKF aims to create a world of cultural unity, by spreading the secular message of the Sufis and initiate children and orienting the youth to become self-employed through arts, dance and music. Research and documentation form the core strength of SKF’s activities that drives the foundation to work on the endangered culture of Qawwali and other related art forms by digitizing and restoring records and creating a database of high quality and high fidelity recordings and biographical data of musicians to be available for research and listening purpose to students, scholars, researchers, musicians and interested public. SKF also seeks to create centers, organize training classes, workshops and musical concerts to promote Sufi music, Qawwali, Sufi Kathak, and folk and classical dance across the world.

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