Launched in 2017, Saddacampus is a perspective. Saddacampus believes that for every college student his productivity revolves around his college campus in an overly dependent manner. From food to his apparels to the daily grocery required the life of a student demands a lot of day to day services. Saddacampus is an effort to bridge the gap between the student and the availability of the service to his doorstep.

Founded in 2017, striving to afflict the campus with homely vibes we took our first stride with the most basic necessity food, giving all the consumers the option of every possible edible art in the city.

Taking care of the students during the water scarcity crisis of BIT Sindri, Saddacampus provided the students with clean drinking water. This team of creative individuals working day in and day out aim to ward off all the fuss of finding comfort in different niches from students’ life and hence become ONE STOP SOLUTION for every loophole existent.

Flourishing minute by minute, Saddacampus now operates its services in IIT(ISM) Dhanbad, MMUT Gorakhpur, SVNIT Surat, GEC Bhuj and as Food Haunt in Jabalpur. 

Food Haunt, one of the limbs of Saddacampus ventured to treat the students mainly residing as paying guests or the ones outside the boundaries of their campuses. 

And this is just the beginning with Saddacampus starting to provide products as well from sheer services, we will keep accelerating the advent of ultimate luxuries of students’ life.

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