Scienceplace is a leading STEM education organization operative in India. STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) is a worldwide successful phenomenon in terms of making young ones more innovative and motivate them towards science and mathematics. In this pursuit Scienceplace has been working successfully with over 500 schools in the country.

According to Empresario 2014 we are among the top 30 emerging companies in India. 100s of our students are bringing laurels to their schools in various national and international competitions. All our programs are affiliated to Vigyan Prasar, Govt of India.

Our primary goal at Scienceplace is to develop a sense of questioning the obvious and experimenting the unknown among our students. We strongly believe that education makes you stand out among the commons but it is innovation that takes you a class apart, and innovation is not a one day process, its seeds need to be sown at a very tender age.

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