Innovatrics is a hardware and software development company based in London UK. It was established in 2015 with a wide and varied range of hardware and software products.Starting from an individual to multinational co-operations we have provided our service to over 100 Clients across the world. Innovatrics develops software using new tools and different programming and scripting languages such as Zend Framework 1, PHP 5, Mysql 5, JavaScript, JQuery 11, Bootstrap, HTML, and CSS trying our best to give our clients the latest in the market.

In the name of Sigplex, Innovatrics is the business partner of German manufactured electronic signature devices for UK, Ireland and India. A Signature pad is an electronic device that captures a hand written signature and converts it into an electronic form. Electronic Signature pads save our resources such as time, manpower, paper and electricity that comes with an idea to go green in this industry.

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