Stratbeans Consulting Pvt. Ltd. is a CMMI

certified IT products company which offers

infrastructure and technological solutions in

the area of Learning & Skill Development and


We serve more than 100 global customers

from offices in Gurgaon, Noida,

Bangalore,Pune, Mumbai, Dubai and


We tranfform regular training content into audio

visually enhanced formats which deepen learner

interest and automate the knowledge

transfer process in large corporates.

Our learning management system

(LMS) can integrate all the training ,

assessment and certification programs

of an organisation into one scalable

platform. Our LMS is used by more than

.5 million users.

Our advanced mobile and IVR based

skill development tools are used for

massive learning and assessment exercises, spanning multiple geographies and


We also offer content digitisation technologies and services which are used for marketing

and corporate communications. 

We offer innovative technology enabled

methods of engaging with prospects. We

specialise in tools and content for

executing campaings which create

customer footfall to webproperties and


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