Connected to the rest of the country by just a 17 mile wide 'Chicken's neck', the Northeast has never had an option other than to be independent and awesome. Everything about us has always been other-worldly: Our food, our music, our people. And boy, have we always not had an amazing fashion sense?

So here's our ode to the Northeast and its amazing people. Here's presenting the Northeast's first ever online customised clothing brand, 'SwagLok', which lets you make your own fashion statement!

Choose from the funkiest of designs or even better: send in your own designs to get your favourite t-shirt made at the cheapest possible rates! Not just this, we provide customised goodies and accessories on demand too!

Nostalgic about your college years? 

Need a gift for your better half? 

Want to let the world know about your favourite TV show?

We're there. 

Log on to where you belong. Log on to www.facebook.com/swaglok.in or www.instagram.com/shop_swaglok .

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