We are a nascent social enterprise operating from Dungarpur, Rajasthan, producing clothes designed and handcrafted by the tribal women of the region. Started as a project at Gandhi Fellowship in 2018, Swara has quickly made a name for itself in the sustainable clothing space of Indian and international markets. We have released the first collection - Sa (Shadja) - which includes clothing designed for women, men and kids, with designs ranging from crop tops and shirts, to reversible jackets and poncho. In a space of less than three months, Swara has made 200+ sales, with a recent exhibition in a high-profile school in Mumbai (Ascend International School, BKC).

We use sustainable manufacturing practices, such an organic dyeing, non-plastic packaging, etc. as opposed to the practices being employed by Fast Fashion industries to drive sales. We employ women tailors with a remuneration above market price, provide them with creative autonomy and train them in the latest industry know-how. All our product posts contain information about the manufacturers, tailors and models. We aim to employ rural women in all creative roles, from manufacturing, dyeing, stitching, modelling, packaging, etc. 

Swara is the only Indian brand working with Monica Bota Moisin, and her team, from Sweden, on creating the Cultural Intellectual Property initiative to form a community of brands which give Cultural Intellectual Property Rights to its artisans. Moisin is pioneer in the field of cultural fashion and since the past years has been advocating for the rights of artisans and "traditional designers“ to promote designs that are part of the identity of a community without commercially exploitation.

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