Tax2win offers its users one-stop- shop for anything and everything related to taxation which includes Income Tax Return filing, Income Tax Planning, Income Tax Saving, Applying PAN Card and much more.

Tax2win is just a medium for filing Income Tax Return, ultimately your ITRs are submitted on the Income Tax Department portal. So why can’t a person file directly through Income Tax Return?

Well, Income Tax Return forms are lengthy and complex which require the assistance of tax experts. But through Tax2win, we provide users an interactive platform wherein we ask them simple questions like Do you have salary income? Do have income from House Property? Etc. The user journey of return filing of each user is customized based upon his income details. So, it becomes very easy even for a layman to file his return from our website. And, its free of cost too! 

We only charge for the services of our CAs, i.e. in CA-Assisted Plans. For CA-Assisted details, refer our page https://tax2win.in/ca-assisted

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