UAS International (a unit of United Accrual Services Private Limited) was established in 2013, on the principles of delivering high returns to our clients through our network of government sector banks.

UAS International has an unmatched dedication towards working efficiently for our customers. Our clientele consists of affluent individuals, families, business owners and other advisors. As experts in mutual funds, life and health insurance planning, we partner with our clients through a process of understanding, building and sustaining wealth. Achieving wealth and remaining wealthy require different characteristics. Individuals, families and even businesses become wealthy for a variety of reasons, yet they often make the mistake of thinking they can also win the wealth management game alone. Fortunes are lost annually by uninformed direct investments and poor choices made by experts in the legal, operations, accounting, investments and insurance domains. In many cases, there are no “do overs” which is why the right partner not only makes sense, it is critical in achieving one’s goals. In the end, it is not about what you earn, it is what you keep that matters most

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