Unsanskari Naari is a platform where one can contribute their thoughts to change the rule book which is created by typical Aunties for girls as per their comfortability and according to them who do not follow their rule book are called Unsanskari. But who follows as per their book, will not be able to live their lives freely ever. So it's better to be Unsanskari than Sanskari. So to overcome this and to make it a happy and smooth way, we have come up with a platform for people where they can contribute their views. We at Unsanskari, believe internships should not be for the sake of a certificate, monetary benefits or to fill one space in resume. But to learn, grow, and prosper as a human. If you are a rebel, opinionated, believe in smashing the stereotypical "rules" and with that, would like to get a knack of Digital marketing(due to plans of expansion)  with a bunch of people from multiple backgrounds then you gotta come on board.

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