Borrowing on the concept of a circular economy, our endeavour has been to integrate the similar principles into the sustainability and responsible business ecosystem. We have been able to develop and evolve this concept into a strategy we call as sustainability 360. Over the years we have been working with various stakeholders’ i.e communities, private companies, development organizations and government agencies towards addressing issues of social equity, greater transparency and responsibility towards natural capital.

Incorporated in 2010, we have had an opportunity to work with the community for a large number of projects, which have contributed substantially to the global fight on climate change as well as aided in providing a better way of life for over a half a million households in developing and underdeveloped countries. We have also been able to engage with businesses to address issues of social responsibility and environmental sustainability.

Our signature carbon and sustainable solutions are innovative, current and quality-focused. As we grow, we are committed to being economically accessible to our network of communities, private companies, and development organizations.

We serve organizations seeking to develop a S.M.A.R.T (Strategic. Measurable. Achievable. Reliable. Tangible) sustainability agenda. VNV has been at the forefront of the sustainability space in India. Our global expertise helps us assimilate global best practices into local interventions with an added facet of working with robust accounting, reporting and monitoring mechanisms & methodologies.

Our services are built on present business operations, allowing customisation that best fit the organisation. With aid from our wide network of industry specialists, we evolve our solutions bringing mainstream practices and standardisations periodically.

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