Who are we? 

Vaahika.com is an IIT-IIM startup into Logistics space. We provide online marketplace solution for all the transportation need into B2B space for long haulage logistics. 

Sector Background and our differentiation!! 

The burgeoning Indian Logistic Industry is poised to be valued over a $130 billion. Yet, the sector suffers from lack of organization and an ancient mind-set. This is one industry which forms back bone of the economy however still running the way it used to operate in 90’s. Transportation of goods for short or long distance is yet to enter the sphere of convenience. Whether it is a B2B or B2C or C2C mode of goods movement we are yet to witness a pathway which connects all the sphere of logistics. There are no such efficient gateways or modes which connect all participants of this industry viz. Transporter, Customer and Manufacturers. The industry is very discrete and un-organized and thereby the opportunities are immense to support convenience for all of its end users.

Ever wondered a way by which you can bring all of the logistics solutions under one umbrella. This is what Vaahika.com is designed for “New access gateway to the world of logistics” which will change the way logistics industry works in India. Vaahika creates an e-door way to access the entire logistics machinery in India whether it is a consumer’s need to ship loose goods, whether a manufacturer needs bulk transportation support, a fleet owner is looking for load to support its uptime or an individual truck owner is looking for transportation load: Vaahika provides solutions to all of this!!

Services we provide? 

1) Full Truck Load: Supports finding transportation of Full Truck Freights for Distributors, SMEs and MSMEs

2) Contract Freight: Assists in finding transportation solutions for Long Term contract freights which need daily support for large number of trucks

Benefits that our Customers receive!! 

• Reduce Logistics Bill

• Reduce Downtime for Transporters 

• Convenience of logistics booking

• Save Money 

• Booking return loads in advance

• Shipment tracking

• App based solution

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