WishTel is an Indian manufacturing company that produce various IT products, founded in Mumbai by Milind Shah. The manufacturing facilities are currently in Maharashtra and Gujarat. 

WishTel is an Indian IT products manufacturing company. On 23 March 2012, it announced the launch of a range of low-cost tablet devices by the name of IRA. The company claims to bring cheap and efficient computing devices in the fields of education where the Indian Government has often made efforts with the OLPC initiative and the Aakash (tablet) project.

Wishtel India believes in bringing people closer to technology by creating gadgets that touch the lives of people. IRA, named after 'Goddess Saraswati' is entirely prototyped, designed, developed and engineered in India. Wishtel, a manufacturer of tablet PCs, netbooks and mobility solutions, has launched the 'ultra-mobile and durable' tablet PC, the IRA ICON. Wishtel with its associates, possesses in-depth expertise and vast experience with real-time embedded systems and development tools, has succeeded in building an ecosystem of highly integrated hardware and software for tablets PCs and multimedia boxes. We have a fully equipped team of expert engineers to offer design and engineering services.


Wishtel has been featured amongst the TOP 10 tablet brands of the nation by “THE ECONOMICS TIMES”. Thanks a lot for being a part of our journey!!

Services We Provide

Education, Entertainment, Communications, Data Acquisitions, Training, Sales, Force Management, Supply Chain Management, Banking and Financial Sector, Applications, Pharma and Medical Aerospace, Defense and Marine GPS systems Surveillance, Home Automation, Industrial Application, Wireless Infrastructure Test and Measurement.

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