What's up Bharat was founded by Kartik Desai, a pioneer in social entrepreneurship and impact investing, with the mission of connecting Indians, improving civic discourse and informing public opinion and policy.It operated a Cultural Centre in Hauz Khas Village from 2011 to 2014 to connect young Indians across various backgrounds on a common platform focused on the major issues of the day. Comprising an art gallery, café, co-working area and event space based in the heart of the cultural center of New Delhi during a time of social and political change, What's up Bharat built a community of over 10,000 artists, professionals, students and activists across a daily calendar of events and campaigns on issues like poverty, religion, gender relations, entrepreneurship, technology and freedom of speech, both through programs at the cultural centre and at over 70 campuses across India using various digital channels and college ambassador program. Based on that experience - and the challenges of fake news, polarization, trolling facing television and digital media - What's up Bharat has developed QNA as a platform for citizens to engage on sensitive issues in an intelligent way - by asking the right questions, evaluating others' answers and analysing the data before making their arguments. 

QNA is India's first independent, crowd-sourced polling platform for comparative attitudinal analysis on national issues. It provides an open, neutral and gamified interface to understand the perspectives of citizens on political, social and economic debates across demographics, time and user groups with a daily feed of questions, news and analysis.   

The QNA platform launched in March 2018 and aims to build a national community of 10,000 active users during its pilot/beta phase (April to June 2018 providing them a unique value proposition in terms of:

1. Analytics - Comparison by issues/topics, by demographics (e.g. age), trends over time 

2. Community - Similarity/Difference with group/friends/individual (by issue/topic/overall)

3. Content - Channels, Groups, Content Contributors (subject matter experts; partner surveys)


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