At the crossroads of incomparable luxury and unspoiled wilderness lies Woodscation—a luxury campsite situated on a sprawling, authentic village in western Dharamshala. Whether you choose an expansive private sophisticated style luxury bell tents, Woodscation provides an unfiltered connection with the natural beauty of Dhauladhar amidst a landscape of impeccable rustic elegance and comfort.

Known as The heaven of Himalayas, The Woodscation campsite is located just 15 miles from Dharamshala and 18 miles from Kangra Airport, Ghaggal. This luxury campsite is a pristine escape through the jungle over the Mountain, taking full advantage of the Big Sky countryside, with site activities and adventures for all energy levels—including trekking all over Dhauladhar range, from Minkiani pass to Indrahar pass and exploring 7 lakes, you can explore the land of God.

As for accommodations, you can choose luxurious vacation bell tents, each fully outfitted with one-, two- or three single bed suites surrounded by nature while reveling in every kind of comfort, including cell service and Wi-Fi, if feel the need to “plug in.” 

In the camps, exquisite cuisine is steps away in an elegant Dining Pavilion. You’ll spend your evening enjoying s’mores around a campfire, telling stories of your adventures and taking in the view of countless stars above. The cuisine at Pomp might be described as refined countryside touch, Grounded in the fundamentals of classic cooking, our chef uses his background and imagination to create culinary innovations. Local ingredients are featured, so offerings change just like the seasons.Home-cooked flavors mingle with traditional offerings for a rustic, yet refined palette. You may find hand-cut meats combined with locally sourced vegetables, among many options. Satisfaction is guaranteed. Breakfast lunch and dinner served daily, an organic, grab-and-go dining adventure that is a showcase for local farms and culinary purveyors.The finest offerings are prepared on an open fire right before your eyes—just like in the Old West. And for anything more you could require, a camping butler is there to help. You’ll sleep on the finest sheets, eat world-class cuisine and receive impassioned, personalized service. This is nature served on a silver platter. This is the campsite by Woodscation.

*Life away from life*

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