WorkLinkr is a gaming startup that desires to bring a change to the Corporate Recruiting process. WorkLinkr is a “Gamification in Recruiting” company. Corporate interviews are tiresome with multiple rounds of technical as well as behavioral questions. Time and cost are spent to select the best candidates only to realize later that major behavioral requirements for team coordination among employees are missing.

The goal of WorkLinkr is to assist corporates in bringing a change to the recruiting processes. Implementing game-based screening tests to select the best workforce for the industry is a core service that WorkLinkr would be facilitating through its products and services.

WorkLinkr strives to develop personality-based software games that can test the behavioral aspects and the psychological reactions to situations. Games that have strong decision-making foundations understand the core behavioral qualities of candidates such as Team Leadership, Risk Management, Adapting to Change Management, Accepting Failures and Learning to tackle hurdles, Taking Initiatives and Respecting Peer Groups.

WorkLinkr maintains a core technical team that would take inputs from a vibrant HR team to design gaming questions that test behavioral qualities. WorkLinkr's technical team also specializes in creating scenario-based games where replica of workplaces from different industries would be created virtually with high standards of customization. This would enable corporates to test applicant’s experience and innovative methods to bring results such as improved output and efficiency; optimized cost and management of resources as well as test of behavioral approach to emergency situations.

The further scope of WorkLinkr is the AI platform that we build to provide industry-trend data from the applicant inputs through our games.

Corporate firms can implement our existing gaming services for screening; create customized games through our assistance and implement it in their internal systems and outsource our mock training centers to improve the soft-skill capabilities of teams.

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