X Billion Labs is an ecosystem of impact enterprises collectively working towards enhancing the quality of life for India's next billion people. We're re-imagining problems and consequent solutions in the present & future context. Currently, 3 Labs (Skills, Action and Tech) have been launched and are well on their mission to positively transform lives. 

About X Billion Skills Labs: 

The Future is turbulent. We are helping young India prepare for it.

Can future-ready education be made available at an accessible price-point to all of India (not just upper-middle class)? Can young adults be taught future-ready skills, with only a basic educational background?

Can India become a talent hub that leads the next innovation revolution, instead of just tail it as an outsourcing hub?

We at X Billion Skills Lab are creating an alternative to formal education, that helps young adults remain relevant in the age of constant disruption at an accessible price & base-knowledge level point.

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