‘SENHORA’ a Portuguese word that means lady, our aim is to encourage the budding talents in various professions and daily life, we wish to highlight the extraordinary achievements of ordinary women.

Keeping environmental concerns and digitilization in mind, SENHORA for the first time will be coming out with its e- magazine in English.

This is altogether a new segment for us to cater to the huge demand for English Magazines. we are looking forward to assisting you with the best of articles on topics such as food, travel, beauty, fashion, entertainment, health & fitness etc. We also wish to incorporate a small section on global, finance & economy news to keep you well updated with the major happenings in our country and around the world.

Women empowerment being the essence of our magazine, we will continue to publish and highlight stories of inspiring women.

Through our E- magazine, SENHORA – for the best in you”, we strive to unleash the best in every woman, to empower them, and to bring a remarkable change in their daily lives.

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