suvi is a mumbai based new age luxury gifting company

Boring corporate gift cards, pins and pens only gathering dust? Suvi is here to the rescue! We intend to revamp corporate gifting, by bringing an element of ingenuity to our hampers, instead of offering generic gift cards. Our goal is to ensure that your recipient is delighted by your gift, creating a memory that lasts a lifetime! We believe that this must begin at our own offices, making our employees a priority and giving them reasons to stay with us. This ensures that you are always talking to someone who is well trained, knows your products and processes and is happy to assist. Fast track your employee motivation to the next orbit by gifting them something personalised, thoughtful and unique.  

Moreover, our personalized box sleeves give you the flexibility of customizing a gift box that is not only unique to you and your company, but tailored to your needs and occasion as well. Whether you want a gift box that features your company logo, or one that is in line with the theme of your event, we bring your packaging needs to life. 

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