The Crayonz

Craft and India are synonyms. India is known for its handicraft all over the world and we take pride in using India made handicrafts. At THE CRAYONZ we bring to you a vibrant marketplace where we have incorporated all the vibrant colours of India.

You can get Phulkari from Punjab, Kanjivaram from Chennai and a beautiful Madhubani painting from the state of Bihar. Sitting in the comfort of your home in Bangalore you can now get an Authentic Chikankari saree from Lucknow or may be an authentic leather shoe from Agra at a very reasonable price.

We source these products from the very Artisan who has designed and made this product by hand or machine. We want these artisans to get their due remunerations and respect that they deserve. Our motive is to provide best quality authentic products to our customers at an attractive price at their doorstep.

For the first time we bring to you custom made products at your doorstep. We call it our "CUSTOM MADE” services. This service is not limited to apparels we will try and bring the same for all our possible products.

THE CRAYONZ is our passion and Customer satisfaction is our motto and through satisfaction we want to reach to customer delight through our products and services. Hope you find all the colours of our very beautiful country India in this marketplace. 

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