Even after 69 years of independence from British rule, the 15th official census in India reflected only 74% literacy rate in 2017.Getting to the roots, 52% dropout rate in India primary and elementary schools was figured, backed by one major heart-wrenching reason - Finance - the one powerful thing whose scarcity snatches away pens from a million hands, replacing them a dark future. And thats how the Scholarship system tolled a vogue. But launching a scholarship scheme is not even half the work done. It has to be exposed to every nook and corner of student fraternity. And thats how we were born.wincok is that helping hand that leads the needy and deserving students to the educational funders


If we chose to do the right things, it is possible to avoid job losses at a mass scale. "Instead of exporting people, we should export innovative ideas. As a country, you should focus on more value added skills; sell products that the world demands. Ensure that you have scale, have digitally trained manpower, reskill through machine learning and artificial intelligence, but get more people to take up education first, When you turn inwards, instead of trading people across the border you would focus on innovation. The world will change for the better. growth can come about without any substantial job-creation in the formal sectors of the economy, but through improvements in productivity.


An increasing number of educational institutes, especially the ones with international focus, are challenging the realm of conventional education system and encouraging alternative activities such as sports, cookery, music, dance, martial arts, art & craft, yoga etc in their curriculum. And you must perceive this paradigm shift as a way to foster your childs growth. Result oriented education forms the crux of a childs school life and a crucial tool to equip with knowledge, but equally important are extracurricular activities that inculcate real world skills in children and blossom their personalities.

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