Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Necessary Is Never Unwise.

Letsintern offers opportunities in the form of part-time internships, full-time internships, volunteers, brand ambassador programs and virtual internships. You can go with the one that suits you the most. Here's how you find it:

  1. Click on 'Search Opportunities' on the Letsintern homepage to go through the recently posted internships or do the same after logging in. This will include internships from all categories.

  2. To refine your search, specify the category of internship you are looking for. (Eg: Content & Media, Marketing & Sales and so on. Go through pages to see more opportunities. The more you look, the more you will learn about different organizations and available opportunities.

  3. For a more in-depth search, you can use the 'Advanced Search' option right below 'Search Opportunity'. This enables you to enter the 'Type of your internship (Virtual, Part-time, Full-time, etc.)'and 'Location preference' apart from 'Category'.

  4. Click on any internship from the list to find more details about the employer posting it, the job description, the skill-set needed, stipend, duration, location, type of internship, etc.

  5. Once you have signed-up, you will also see 'Suggested opportunities' as per your profile preferences, on your dashboard. Enter any field on the 'Search Opportunities' tab and look for more.

  6. Follow Employers:
    We have more than 7500 employers like HCL Technologies, Viacom 18, Adidas, PepsiCo, NDTV and more, registered on the Letsintern platform. You can follow your preferred employers to be notified as soon as they post an intern requirement and be the first one to apply to the opportunity! Click here to see a list of all the companies you can follow.

Found an internship you like? Awesome! Read the job role carefully and about your the company too. Once you're done, then go ahead and click on 'Apply' to submit your application. You need a certain number of Credits (See Point 5 to know more) to apply to different opportunities, for example:

Screening Test:

  • Some Employers require you to answer a few subjective questions as a part of the hiring process, to see if you are capable for the job. When you click on 'apply', you will be directed to the 'Test', which you can begin taking immediately after you have read the instructions.

  • Answer all the questions. After you're done, preview your answers to see if want to 'Change' anything. Make sure to click on 'Submit' to submit your completed application.

  • Your application will be considered 'incomplete' without a screening test, therefore taking the 'Screening Test' is extremely important and recommended, as employers are likely to respond to only completed application.

These are few tips that we would like to share with you:
  1. Start Young - the earlier you start, the earlier you will learn (even from rejection) and get better with each application and opportunity.

  2. Make sure you create the most awesome profile that you can. Put up a professional or your best looking profile picture, proof-read and correct any mistakes, sound as impressive and eager to learn as possible.

  3. Focus more on the job-role than the brand or stipend. Take the effort to learn a bit about the company, role and industry you are applying to.

  4. Answer all questions if there is a 'Test' and hit submit before the deadline.

  5. At your interview be honest, confident and genuinely excited to work for the company.

  6. Apply to at least 10 opportunities to stand a good chance of selection.

  7. Keep your learning caps on. Take feedback from your friends, teachers and bosses. Learn from every rejection or failure and work-hard.

  8. Login every day on Letsintern to see the latest opportunities not just to apply, but to also see the opportunities in your industry so that you can identify your true interest.

The Letsintern Blog or Learning Centre is the one stop for all your career related queries. It is regualrly updated with information about colleges and campus life, interviews and resume writing, startup scene in India and outside, success stories about young entrepreneurs and interns job opportunities from well-known brands and more. Click here to take a look!

We welcome content submitted by our users, and you can write to our Content Team at for more information. You can also submit your internship story by clicking here and tell us about an upcoming college fest/event here.

Yes, we launched the first version of the ‘Letsintern: Internships on tap’ Android app in 2013, and then an updated, more user-friendly second version in 2014. You can download it here on the Google PlayStore. Don’t forget to review us! You can also mail us your feedback or suggestions if any, to

Yes, you need an account to post a job.

You can use our 1-minute job post form to post your opportunity and register an account at the same time.

On the login form, click on 'Remind password'. Enter the email that you had used to register for your Letsintern account.

If you do not remember your email or password, please email for assistance.

In your dashboard, click on 'My Profile', then 'Change Password'.

Please email, and we will do it on your behalf.

  1. Please email, and we will do it on your behalf.

  1. Go to 'Edit Profile'. At the end you will see the option of changing the logo.
  2. Make sure you save the changes after uploading the new logo.

In your dashboard, click on 'Pricing', then select the plan you would like to purchase.

On the dashboard, you can click on Post a New Job. Fill in the details for the job, such as role, category, stipend, and duration. When you are finished, click on Post to publish your opportunity.

You can also fill out the 1-page Job Post form if you like.

To get enough applications, we suggest you make the application deadline at least 7-10 days after posting.

For an unpaid internship, keep the posting open for 2-3 weeks as it takes longer to attract applicants.

The number of hiring that can be made depends on the plan an employer has taken up. The enterprise plan allows you to hire unlimited candidates per posting while the basic and the start - up plan gives you 5 and 10 openings respectively.

A screening test will help you determine if an applicant is interested and has the basic knowledge required for the job. Based on their answers, you can shortlist only the candidates with the best answers, saving you from interviewing as many students. A set of generic questions are available for you, or you can choose to add your own questions. We also allow you to include audio questions as part of the test. For jobs requiring excellent verbal communications, we recommend including audio questions.

In your dashboard, click on 'My Work', then 'Manage Jobs'. There, you will have the option to Edit the posting.

In your dashboard, click on 'My Work', then 'Manage Jobs'. There, you can click on 'Close' to close the opportunity. Students will no longer be able to apply for the job.

In your dashboard, click on 'My Work', then 'Manage Jobs'. Click on 'Edit' for the relevant posting. You can then revise the application deadline.

  1. List the expectations and job duties for the role. Use between 180 - 250 words.
    Descriptions that are too long or too short confuse the students.
  2. Mention the stipend offered if you have not already. The average stipend on Letsintern is Rs. 3500-5000*. Above average stipends almost guarantees that you will get talent of your choice.
  3. Other relevant information, such as the location, duration, helps the potential candidates get a better understanding about your job.
  4. Fill out your company profile and let candidates know why your company is a great place to work. Add link to your website or Facebook page if possible.
  5. Get the word out. Share the opportunity link with your followers on Social Media networks.
  6. Consider one of our Employer Promotional Plans. Get upto 3 to 20 times the reach and get more applicants!

We'll promote your opportunity on our platform, across all our social media networks, send dedicated mailers, feature you in our tri-weekly newsletters, and more. Write to or call Arjun at 8793722997 to learn more.

For best performance, please use Google Chrome (free download here). You can also email us at preferably with a screen-grab of the error you are facing.

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Click on My work then manage jobs
  3. Click on Orange color "Screen" button in front of your posting

  4. Click on "Pending" option in screening menu. You will be able to see all applicants.

  5. Shortlist the candidate by clicking on his/her photo and selecting shortlist option from drop down list.

  6. After shortlisting close pop-up window and click on phone icon below candidates' photo. You will be shown his/her contact number and email id.

  7. If you want to download all the resumes of shortlisted candidate then: Just shortlist the desired candidate and click on "Shortlisted" Tab you will be shown "Download all Shortlisted CVs" on header. Click it to download the same with contact details.

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Click on My work then manage jobs
  3. Click on Orange color "Screen" button in front of your posting.
  4. Click on "Pending" option in screening menu. You will be able to see all applicants.
  5. Select the candidate by clicking on his/her photo and clicking the Select option from drop down list.

The student profiles will be filed under “incomplete” if their profile are not completed or if they have not finished your screening test.

You will be at the top of the dashboard listing for students who match your category, thus increasing your visibility and consequently your chances of getting more applications. Being featured also puts you at the top of the queue when a student searches for opportunities (similar to paid search results in Google), provided you fit the search criteria.

Our specialized Client Servicing Team provides you complete support through the entire job posting, invitation, short-listing and selection process, helping you optimally leverage different tools and features to reach out to your target audience and ensuring a quick turnaround in the short-listing and selection process.

More than 4000 students visit the Letsintern homepage each day, featuring your opportunity on the homepage allows you to reach out to a wider audience, helping you attract more talent for your opportunity. Your opportunity is featured on our home page (to the right of the site activity bar), in the Student Dashboard, Search Opportunities pages, for a period of 7 days from the time of your choice (alternatively, you could also get in touch with our customer support and choose the period you want to be featured in).

Company banners on the homepage and Facebook page are premium benefits. Please see our pricing chart for details. If you have questions, contact We would be happy to set you up with a plan that suits your needs.

If interested, please click on Pricing from your dashboard. Select your plan and process the payment.

'Youthink' is a specialized youth-marketing agency by Letsintern where we build and leverage large student communities and crowds to get creative marketing and content work done for large companies and funded start-ups.

Through word of mouth advocacy and student brand ambassadors, we have helped several brands launch their offerings and build deeper engagement, especially in the 18-24 age segment.

Established and upcoming brands such as Adidas, Adobe, Ambi Pur (P&G),, Bausch+Lomb, Channel[V], Dell, GotCubed, Hercules, Hockey India League, JBL (Harman), KFC, Micromax, Microsoft, OLX, Philips, PepsiCo, QS, Viacom18, Vogue Eyewear, Start Sports, Star Movies, Smaaash, Taco Bell, Viber, WeChat, YepMe have outsourced their youth-marketing and engagement to Youthink.

Know more on or email

Please email Gaurav Misra (VP - Growth) at with your proposal details.

Merits of Search Page Featured Listing:

  • We get around 14000 views daily on our search page.
  • Featured job appears on the top of the search page when searched for any internship.
Merits of Home Page Featured Listing:
  • Appears on homepage with other featured opportunities.
  • Gets high visibility for the post.
Both are included in Startup Plan (1 days) and Enterprise Plan (5 days).