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Internship Details

About Internship:

About Internship:
We are looking for a batch of full-stack developers who are ready to explore the corporate life. Someone who can build a fantastic team and work with real-time developers on some innovative ideas. Passion is one of the many things required for full-stack development, so be passionate! We are also looking forward to the candidates who have good problem-solving skills.

In this internship, you will be working on a real-time project with developers. This will help you to groom your technical skills and will help you to write the code by following the IT standard.

Roles and Responsibilities:

1.Roles And Responsibilities:
2. Working with real-time developers and implementing ideas in an innovative way.
3. Be prepared to upgrade your skills with industry projects, following the industry standards.
4. Discussing ideas and plans with the team and providing your inputs to other's ideas.
5. Creating an impact in your career by developing some real-time applications.


1. Experience Activity-Based Learning with a Real-Time Project.
2. Live Interaction Technical Training + Softskills from High ended Industry Experts.
3. After course completion, Appriffy certificate will be awarded.

No. of Positions


Application Deadline

Apply by: 1st Aug `20


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About Company

Appriffy - Digital IT Hub: is a marketplace where we can hire developers On-Hourly, On-Demand and On-Project Basis. Appriffy team help Individuals, Startups and Enterprises to build their world-class Tech products.

Appriffy Provide Developers in Three Segments:

-Appriffy Developers On-Hourly Basis(From 1 Hour - 180 Hours)-Appriffy Developers On-Demand Basis(From 6 Months - 1 + Year)-Appriffy Developers On-Project Basis((Fixed Cost and Time Line)

Advantages Of Hiring Appriffy Developers:

-Metered Billing. 

-No Freelancers. 

-Pay What You Use For. 

-Invoices In Correct Time. 

-No Hidden and Other Unnecessary Charges. 

-IP and NDA Signed For Product/Service Security. 

-Your Every Penny Is Countable And Can Save Huge Cost For Your Product.

Developers And Technology: Android, iOS, React Js, PHP, Drupal, Xamarin, .NET, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence Developers, Magento Developers, CAD Developers, etc.

Appriffy team has an In-House team of experts working across various Mobile and Web Development, Testing, UI and UX, Operational Strategy, Brand Creation and Awareness and high rich startup Industries experts Advisors and Mentors.

Appriffy Achievements:

- Selected by Govt. Of India and IIM Calcutta Innovation Park Under Smart Fifty Solutions for India. 

- Recognized by Govt. Of India and Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion. 

- Recognized by Govt. Of Karnataka as one of the Innovative Technical Service Provider. 

 - Selected as One of the Smart 75 Tech Products Developers which is Organized by Govt. Of India and Goa and in collaboration          with Govt. Of Armenia.

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