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Internship Details

About Internship:

We are looking for a web developer as well as full-stack development who is ready to explore the corporate life. Someone who can work with real-time developers and share some innovative ideas. Creativity is one of the many things required for this internship program, so be creative! We are also looking forward to the candidates who have good problem-solving skills.

In this internship, you will be working in a real-time international project with developers. This will help you to groom your technical skills and will help you to write the code by following the IT standard.

Roles and Responsibilities:

1. Working with real-time developers and implementing ideas in an innovative way.
2. Be prepared to upgrade your skills with real-time International projects, following the industry standards.
3. Discussing ideas and plans with the team and providing your inputs to other's ideas.


1. Experience Activity-Based Learning with a Real-Time Project.
2. Live Interaction Technical Training + Softskills from High ended Industry Experts.
3. After course completion, Appriffy certificate will be awarded which is worth for a Job Seekers to hold a Certificate from Product Based Funded Company.
4. Chances of Getting a Job Opportunities inside Appriffy and its Partnered Companies. Depends upon the situation and no Fake Commitment.
5. Your CV will be circulated among our networks so that we can increase the chances of getting a job for you all.
6. Linkedin Profile builder assistance will be provided.
7. Chances to work in Live Appriffy International Projects.

No. of Positions


Skills Required

Application Deadline

Apply by: 31st Dec `19


Rs. 0

About Company

Appriffy is a Product Based Funded Company Located in the heart of Bangalore. We are currently engaged in two Business Models which is stated below:

Model 1: Appriffy Market Place

Appriffy is a #marketplace where we can hire #developers On-Demand and On-Hourly Basis. Appriffy team help #Individuals, #Startups and #Enterprises to build their world class Tech products.

Two Segments::

-Appriffy Developers On-Hourly Basis.

-Appriffy Developers On-Demand Basis.

Appriffy provides Tech Developers with an On-Demand and On-Hourly Basis. It starts from One hour to Unlimited time. As you shop for clothes and other necessary stuff online, now you can shop developers under Appriffy umbrella.

Appriffy Achievements:

- Selected by Govt. Of India and IIM Calcutta Innovation Park Under Smart Fifty Solutions for India.

- Recognized by Govt. Of India and Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion.

- Recognized by Govt. Of Karnataka as one of the Innovative Technical Service Provider.

- Selected as One of the Smart 75 Tech Products Developers which is Organized by Govt. Of India and Goa and in collaboration with Govt. Of Armenia.

Model 2: Appriffy Labs

Appriffy as a Tech Partner(Startup Studio) - Appriffy engages with high potential startups to build their MVP through Appriffy cost-cutting method(Part-Cash Part- Equity Format). They can label Appriffy as their Virtual/Interim CTO or directly labeled one of the Appriffy expertise techies as a part-time CTO, full- time CTO, or else Virtual CTO. We not only help startups in technical perspective but also facilitates in Legal, Mentoring, Advisory, Access to Funding, etc so that they can dream about their product and can put 100% efforts on building their sales funnel.

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