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Internship Details

About Internship:

If you are interested in learning how a Startup works and how a Brand is built, the HUSTLE TURTLE Campus Ambassador program is just for you! As a Campus Ambassador, you will have to generate excitement, awareness, and buzz about HUSTLE TURTLE through seeking out unique opportunities that will connect students with the HUSTLE TURTLE brand. We are looking for enthusiastic, motivated, and well-connected college students to conduct marketing activities in and around campus to spread word about HUSTLE TURTLE and what it has to offer.

Roles and Responsibilities:

• You will be the catalyst in spreading information about HUSTLE TURTLE in your campus
• Move the needle to to help boost brand awareness
• Find innovative solutions to build student loyalty programs and Adventure Community
• Identify, create and coordinate action plans to maximize growth of brand on campus
• Come up with out of the box campaign ideas of making the brand go viral
• Enhance campus relationships with HUSTLE TURTLE


• A chance to learn how Startups work and function
• Opportunity to learn Digital Marketing, SEO, On-ground Marketing and Business
• Certificate of Internship/Appreciation from HustleTurtle
• Real-life exposure to the way work is done

No. of Positions


Application Deadline

Apply by: 25th May `18


Rs. 1000-10000

About Company

HustleTurtle is an adventure travel comapny with it's focus on creating a wave of traelling where people do more than just travel and reach a new destination. With hustleTurtle, you will get to experience the place you visit and live there like a local does. We take you on Adventures that fill your soul and empty your mind.

HustleTurtle is all about going to new places and doing challenging things. We currently cater to 7 unique destionations in Himachal Predesh where we take you camping, trekking and backpacking.

Join us, join the travel revolution.