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Internship Details

About Internship:

An opportunity to work from home or college.
Be the Campus guide of your college and be a part of PractiEASE

Roles and Responsibilities:

Roles and Responsibilities:
1. Usage of services offered by PractiEASE and share feedback in private
2. Promotion of brand within the college
3. Driving of registrations for various events, webinars, and surveys
4. Conduct and mobilize offline events in college
5. Onboarding of users and guide them as and where required
6. Follow all social media channels (FB, IG, LinkedIn, What’s app)
7. Like and share posts on social media
8. Participate in surveys shared by PractiEASE
9. Promote content through WhatsApp status posts (2 posts a week)


1. Participation Certificate: Every Campus Guide will be provided with a certificate valid to mention in their professional resumes while applying for jobs.
2.Appreciation Letter: Based on Campus Guide Performance, an appreciation letter would be provided after their tenure completion with us.
3. Cash Reward: The Campus Guide will be eligible to participate in monthly contests and earn either Cash Reward or Third party Gift Vouchers (Eg: Amazon, Flipkart, Central,etc.) based on their achievement levels for driving the top up's from registered users.
4. PractiEASE Wallet Credits: Every Campus Guide receives free credits based on the no. of registrations they achieve as per the defined criteria.
5. Complimentary Services: Campus Guides are entitled to receive complimentary services such as “Professional Resume”, "LinkedIn Profile” based on their eligibility in contests.

No. of Positions


Skills Required

Application Deadline

Apply by: 21st Jul `18


Rs. 0

About Company

PractiEASE is an online platform through which an individual can practice to be Interview ready, On the Job ready and confidently speak grammatically correct English. Learners are connected with SME (Interviewer / English Tutor) to practice under their guidance for the market demanding & predefined “Practice sets”. The various “Practice sets” listed on the website are curated by subject experts in their respective domains (Recruiters, English tutors, etc) which help an individual to practice their classroom theoretical learning. Our feedback technique is designed with a key focus on enabling users to understand their improvement areas and design a practice action plan to improve. For more details visit www.practiease.com

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