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Internship Details

About Internship:

Jumpstart your career with early experience in a vivid startup scenario. You will get a fat monthly stipend plus incentives and bonuses based on your performance. You can also help your college-mates to get easy access to better machines and a better academic life.
Brand ambassadors or Campus Managers are the eyes and ears of Slicepay in a campus. It is a prestigious leadership position, available to a select few who are initiative-taking problem solvers. If you are looking for a chance to build your leadership and communication skills, this is just the right position for you to make the best use of your college years and learn real world skills!

Roles and Responsibilities:

Campus Manager will be the point of contact for SlicePay in their campus.
Promote SlicePay on Campus: Introduce students to the product and its various offerings and onboard them onto the platform.
Complete verification process for users of Slicepay in the given time
Execution of marketing events, contests, and campaigns for the community.
Identify opportunities for marketing the SlicePay brand and perform exciting marketing experiments at a campus or region level.
Help in identifying the deserving users and those who are misusing Slicepay.
Connect with the users of SlicePay and gain valuable insights to fuel the growth of the company.
Actively use the intern portal feature on our app to track and assess the status of each lead and invited user.

No. of Positions


Application Deadline

Apply by: 25th May `18


Rs. 5000-20000

About Company

SlicePay is a student credit card which was founded with a mission to simplify payments for the young. With changing times, we strive to make payments smarter and simpler. We as ex-college students saw our current payment channels to be lengthy and often inaccessible, especially for students, who do not enjoy as much financial freedom.

We plan to build on it, a simplified, easy to understand process that empowers students with Flexible Payment Option which they can use for their everyday payments without having to worry about cash upfront.

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