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About Internship:

This position manages the Co-working Community by driving growth in membership, facilitating relationships between members of the community, managing day-today operations of the business, supervising Community members as needed, and providing administrative support to the owner. With a focus on service, sales, and community development, the role will create an inviting atmosphere for all coworkers and welcome and “sell” potential new clients and ensure 100% occupancy.

ABOUT COMPANY: http://conclo-office-space-solutions.business.site/

Roles and Responsibilities:

Roles And Responsibilities:

Running day-to-day operations of the business and driving revenue growth implements coworking agreement with contractors and subcontractors, as needed before opening strategizes and implements appropriate marketing and promotion of the business welcome potential new members when they drop in; provides tours and sells the business

Manages day-to-day business, including
Answering incoming calls
Answering online queries from prospects
Overseeing supplies and maintaining inventory (paper, coffee, toner, etc)
Maintains the business environment technology, including
Monitoring Internet service and calling for service as needed
Monitoring printer (paper, toner, functionality) and other office technology
Maintains memberships in the members database
Oversees scheduling of conference rooms and training events
Maintains a strong commitment to the purpose & values of the Co-working, creating positive change & atmosphere for members
Maintains a learning posture, a cheerful disposition, good interpersonal communication skills
Willingness to work in a relational environment and team context are absolutely essential
Maintains a strong commitment to the purpose and values of the business
Maintains a commitment to excellence and customer service orientation
Maintains absolute discretion in matters of confidentiality


1. Recommendation certificate
2. Refreshments on the house
3. Rewards based on performance
4. Job offer

No. of Positions


Application Deadline

Apply by: 24th May `18


Rs. 5000-10000

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