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Internship Details

About Internship:

Role Description:

As a business development intern, you will be working with higher management team on various strategic and operational projects. You will be learning how to do market research, fill out surveys and analyze the data gathered and garner fruitful results. You will get exposure of EV space, their workings and challenges.

Roles and Responsibilities:

1. Understand SUN Mobility product and services
2. Create business model and value proposition for potential clients
3. Do market research and field survey and present the findings and how to leverage them
4. Learn about government policies and be updated to take benefit from them
5. Get the holistic understanding of EV space


2.Appreciation Certificate

No. of Positions


Skills Required

Application Deadline

Apply by: 15th Aug `19


Rs. 10000-12000

About Company

About Us

SUN Mobility is a 50:50 joint venture between Virya Mobility 5.0 and SUN New Energy Systems, pioneers in areas of electric mobility and clean energy. The company is led by Chetan Maini, founder of Reva and Uday Khemka, Vice Chairman of SUN Group, two of India’s well-established leaders in the new energy economy. 

SUN Mobility aims to be the leading provider of universal energy infrastructure and services to accelerate mass electric vehicle usage. The organization plans to revolutionize the transportation sector by deploying a unique open-architecture ecosystem built around a smart network of quick interchange battery stations. These stations, predominantly powered by renewable energy, will refuel electric vehicles at cost lower than and speed faster than conventional petrol pumps. 

SUN Mobility will partner with multiple OEMs to integrate SUN Mobility’s proprietary smart battery solution into a range of innovative electric vehicles – cars, buses, rickshaws, scooters etc. The smart batteries will be modular, easily swappable, highly secure, IOT enabled and can be easily refuelled on a pay-as-you go basis. This energy infrastructure integrated with electric vehicles, smart batteries and clean energy will accelerate the transformation of mobility towards a sustainable, pollution-free future. We are committed to help India realize its vision of becoming a 100% e-vehicle nation by 2030. 

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