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Internship Details

About Internship:

This Internship gives opportunity to people to work in the field of business management and development specially in Hospitality and advertisement industry, candidates can choose their own working hours with their preferred location.
This job might give an opportunity to deal and work with high end people from various industry. Candidates who are stable and loyal can expect mighty growth and support from the company. Depending on how you perform and value task and orders.

We will encourage candidates who like to travel and live freely without any boundaries, one who is gender neutral either ways, a candidate who can mingle, one who is friendly, with bold and outgoing personality shall be the ideal candidate for the job.

Upon shortlisting a final meeting in Delhi is required for guidance and training after that you can work from any location. Job will involve marketing and promotion of services related to leisure and corporate travel. This will be done online and offline via social media marketing along with client and site visits.

Roles and Responsibilities:

1. Business development, marketing and promotions.
2. Social media campaigns both online and offline.
3. Building client base.
4. Event promoter.


1. Visits and travel opportunity to high profile places.
2. Full time job opportunity in travel, tourism and entertainment industry.
3. Certification/letter upon completion.
4. Commissions on confirm sale.

No. of Positions


Application Deadline

Apply by: 30th Jun `18


Rs. 1000-30000

About Company

This company is part of Ethnic Travels, which is already functional in the field of tourism, hospitality, advertisement and marketing.. Here we are into customized services of luxury travel management be it business or leisure specializing around Asiatic region, though we are offering our services in more than 50 national and international sites and destination. Company aims to promote and market its own inner circle of private luxurious club and lifestyle. 

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