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Internship Details

About Internship:

Research | Content | Communication & Coordination | Database Management

Knowledge, skills, and abilities you can develop with EduGears team
Outstanding interpersonal and communication skills
Strategic design and Business communication skills
Excellent conversational English
Skills to understand, analyze people and get through
Skills for a great working relationship with management

Minimum Qualifications and Skills for joining EduGears team as an intern:
Bachelor's degree in any subject stream, preferably in English, Psychology, Management. o Passion to learn, dare to go a step ahead and perform is a must.
A six-month or year of experience could add a bonus point to qualify you for good stipend.

Roles and Responsibilities:

Creating communication material for outreach to the Tutors, counselors
Understanding objectives, roles, and responsibilities of existing Tutors/counselors
Generating new leads by contacting through various channels like online platform, Social media sites, job portals, seminars and events.
Creating an exhaustive database of Tutors/ Counselors/ Coaches/ Trainers/ Schools
Reaching out to real persons, enroll them on the website portal and oversee connects
Assist and engage the new entrant educators and counselors for seamless enrolment
Managing cordial relations & keep the EduGears partners motivated through effective methods

In short, your task will run around:
1.Primary Research
2.Database Mangement
3.Community Outreach :Content | Communication & Coordination


Intangible Perks & a personal phone
Lots of hot tasty fresh Chai

No. of Positions


Application Deadline

Apply by: 30th Apr `18


Rs. 3000-5000

About Company

Project Overview 

EduGears is an education initiative spread across the entire education ecosystem.  

Our focus is: The Physical, Mental and Educational Well Being of students. To achieve this objective, we are equally focused on the upliftment of the tutor community. We have developed very well researched psychometric tools for career Guidance; under the mentorship of renowned psychologists.   

Our work is spread across Schools & Colleges in different states of India. Through our three verticals: 

We facilitate Personal Coaching for Subjects, Sports, and Hobbies.                                                                                                                                    We provide Career Counseling for Students (School & College); help working professionals overcome their career confusions. We design career readiness programs for University Students 


We provide assistance in: 

1) Finding out the right tutor for the learning needs of students 

2) Help students realize their aptitude, interest, and personality through standardized & Reliable psychometric tests and assist them in taking up the right career  

3) Train students at University Level so that they can choose to be in the company/ career of their choice 

4) Train and upgrade the skills of teachers and professors 

5) Provide Psychometric tests for teaching and non-teaching staff in schools.  


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