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Internship Details

About Internship:

This internship will include handling our existing Social Media channels and building new ones. It will teach you the tricks and tips for social media, and also how to create content for it. Apart from the obvious, it will teach you planning management, and forming relations to grow.
Channels where we are present- Instagram, Facebook
Channels where we want to be present- Pinterest, Youtube, Twitter?

Roles and Responsibilities:

1. Planning Social Media
2. Handling Social Media - this will include posting as well as designing post and campaigns (for all channels)
3. We will approve the campaign and give the pictures/ captions where needed
4. Promoting the posts to the right audience (we will give you a budget for the same)
5. Managing followers (specially on instagram, finding relevant profiles to follow, as well as sending an Intro. message to the people who start following us)
6. Engaging with the audience we follow, and answering any questions that customers might have
7. Maintaining Excels to do with the same


1. Internship Certificate
2. Pre Placement Offer
3. Flexible Working Hours

No. of Positions


Application Deadline

Apply by: 8th Aug `20


Expenses Covered

About Company

We at Masaya work to build a safe and enchanting world through our products where children can truly be themselves. Always finding how to make our products unique and of the utmost comfort and quality, the work here involves both research as well as studio projects. 

Currently our product range comprises of Infants and Kids bed linen, plush toys and personalized goods. However we are continuously looking to expand and grow in this sector to introduce new and exciting products into the market, or making products that exist stand out. 

We assure a wide array for exploration in our work culture, as well as learning growth as each person will work with every team member in some way or the other. From your end we expect a certain discipline, passion and commitment towards Masaya. We believe in building a family and long lasting relations. 

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