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Internship Details

About Internship:

We are on the lookout for passionate copywriters to manage our online content across various platforms and media. It is a great opportunity for Content and Copywriters to showcase their talent on a growing platform.

Roles and Responsibilities:

Understanding of bigger picture online objectives and ensure all activity supports wider online objectives e.g. best practice back link building, seo best practice, keyword utilization etc.

Responsibility for hands on interaction within social media sites such as Facebook, twitter etc.

Responsibility for hands on interaction with off-site social properties other people blogs, other company Facebook fan pages, forums etc.

Ability to write great engaging web copy in a real time environment that can stimulate user interaction, discussion and engagement

Able to write whitepapers, newsletters, e-mailers, eBooks, techblogs, technology researched articles, content for slideshares

Use etiquette and ability to sell without selling online by delivering great service, great content & information but linking through to commercial transactions where relevant and appropriate

Respond and react to changes within social networks changes in functionality, methods of engagement etc.

Monitor and present relevant data, trends, successes, exceptions etc.

Use great web etiquette to ensure the right message is delivered through the right channels without offending or annoying anyone


1. LOR & Work Certificate
2. Flexible Work Hours
3. Performance based extra Incentives

No. of Positions


Application Deadline

Apply by: 17th Mar `18


Rs. 5000-8000

About Company

TEAMROLL INC is a Human Resource Solutions and Automation Company. Our extraordinary services and product makes sure our clients achieve desired productivity from their team with least efforts and have a rollin' time working with our team.

Till date, we've successfully managed 4000 employees on our payrolls. More achievements to come soon!

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