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Internship Details

About Internship:

Palasa is looking for Design Interns who will be given the task of creating and executing new designs for our product range. You will have to play with a plethora of materials (Wood, Concrete, FRP, Fabric, Terracotta, etc) and arrive at the best possible design to meet requirements. You will have to drive the product from its initial drawing stage to a prototype and then work on the manufacturing process until it finds its way in our catalog.

You'll learn about the company and it's culture, the industry and various job roles. We hope to teach you new skills and make new connections that very well might provide professional references for you some day. You'll go through training, get feedback on your performance and get help in executing designs.

Roles and Responsibilities:

1. Should be able to create, iterate and execute prototypes quickly.
2. Drive new products from initial 3D drawings to mass manufacturing stage.
3.Developing and managing digital content for marketing campaigns.


1. Internships certificate
2. Pre placement offer (PPO)

No. of Positions


Application Deadline

Apply by: 1st Jun `18


Expenses Covered

About Company

Palasa was born out of passion for transforming homes, offices and retail spaces alike through the versatility of planters.

We believe that a little bit of green can bring the much needed vibrance to the otherwise dull concrete jungles around us.

Our products celebrate effortless convergence of man with nature and design. We love the option that planters give us. Just add our planters to your garden or home and see the difference it will make. 

We are constantly looking at new ways to extend our green horizon across India with our hand crafted products.

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