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Internship Details

About Internship:

Configure, onboard, and manage new, existing, and demo clients
? Understanding of sales concepts to support internal sales efforts. Support the sales team in requirement capture from customers
? System configuration and setup as per the requirement
? Ensure the demo environment is functional and updated
? Manage user complaints and issues
? Co-ordinate and work with the engineering team to identify issues in system and fix them

Develop, improve, and maintain our client onboarding solution and process
? Onboard customers on system go-live through user training sessions
? Develop and maintain the system configurator to automate the onboarding process
? Develop material for user training for different user types
? Conduct webinars for customers for new functionality releases
? Co-ordinate with customers for queries on system usage
? Ensure client is achieving optimal result and ROI post implementation and suggest best practices

Support product development with test configurations and manage new version releases
? Perform user level testing on new version releases and enhancements
? Report bugs and co-ordinate with the development team to fix issues
? Serve as the voice of customer and provide feedback to internal teams

Learn the skills and knowledge required to grow into the role of Customer Success Associate
? Learn skills to be able to consult companies in becoming more customer centric
? Be able to recommend solutions to fix customers issues and help them become more customer focused

Roles and Responsibilities:

1.Configure, onboard, and manage new, existing, and demo clients
2.Develop, improve, and maintain our client onboarding solution and process
3.Support product and business development with test configurations


1. Pre placement offer
2. Informal dressing

No. of Positions


Application Deadline

Apply by: 15th Jun `18


Rs. 8000-10000

About Company

Let’s make our customers happier!

Why we do what we do?

We believe that every customer deserves a great experience. And it should be easy for every business to deliver an exceptional customer experience. We are on a mission to create happier customers for our clients.

How we do what we do?

We help our clients listen, understand, and act on customer feedback. Indeed, we know that technology can help improve customer experience only up to a point, beyond that it is all about people. Therefore, we focus on designing and implementing a complete customer feedback platform that is tied with process improvement and change management to help measure, manage, and monetize customer experience

What we do?

Omoto is a new generation Net Promoter® solution. It has been designed keeping in mind how people interact with technology these days and the growing need for businesses. It offers omnichannel feedback collection, real-time escalation and reporting, and descriptive analytics for actionable insights.

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