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Internship Details

About Internship:

Data Entry Operator opening either FULL-TIME or in PART-TIME, remotely.

Candidates are required to work for 25 hours a week and have few prerequisites as follows:

* SHOULD have a working Laptop or PC.
* SHOULD have effective speed of writing on keyboard.
* SHOULD have basic or intermediate level of experience with Microsoft Office.
* SHOULD be comfortable to process data, if given in FORMS or in Tabular Format.
* SHOULD be comfortable working in Work-From-Home environment and COMMUNICATING Online or on call.

The candidates will get working experience certificate for working more than 11 months on board. Also, eligible for remuneration and endorsement from us (if changing the designation or the employer).

You will get the opportunity to work with our partnered networks and promotions throughout.

Direct Link to Join: http://bit.ly/2kOwim7

Notable Person to Contact:
Vishal Sharma
+91 7033167775

Roles and Responsibilities:

1. Reporting to Administrator's queries on Time.
2. Stay for at least 11 months on board.
3. Comfortable speaking your thoughts whether on Skype or on Voice call.
4. Can provide a replacement for their current position, if leaving before the completion of Tenure (i.e. 11 months).
5. Abide by our Agreement of Service.


1. Certificate of Experience.
2. Remuneration after successfully completing your first Tenure and Bonus.
3. Endorsement from Us for working with our Partnered Employers.
4. Eligible for incentives on each referral.

No. of Positions


Application Deadline

Apply by: 10th Dec `19


Rs. 6000-12000

About Company

Avart Media provides smart IT and Marketing Solutions for spreading your word out of your Creation and Idea.
We as a team, work with A+ teams passionate enough to give life to their dreams.

"To build healthy business relation for a long run to save your Time & Effort"

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