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Internship Details

About Internship:

We are a startup trying to grow our business and need people that can help us mine the Internet for prospective clients and contacts. We will teach how and what needs to be done, we need people willing to do it and Learn things on the job. The job will not be as trivial as it sounds as it needs taking decisions on what works and what doesnt.

Roles and Responsibilities:

1. Searching Various countries for Clients in different Industries
2. Sending mailers and responding to contact requests
3. Researching open source plugins and tools that can value add to the company


1. Internship Certificate
2. Commissions from any conversion of contacts to clients
3. Optional Job Offer if the team likes the Intern

No. of Positions


Skills Required

Application Deadline

Apply by: 26th Apr `18


Rs. 10000-12000

About Company

We are a startup into generic Software services

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